Rainforest Live '97!

Discover food webs, watersheds and the endangered cassowary as you explore the Australian rainforest alongside 36 students and teachers on a 13 week semester! Bring your raingear!

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Rainforest Topics

2/21 - Plant Life

2/28 - Animals

3/7 - Commercial Uses

3/14 - Ecotourism

3/21 - Community of Animals & Plants

3/28 - Food Webs

4/4 - Vacation

4/11 - Animal Adaptations

4/18 - Nitrogen Cycle

4/25 - Soil, forest and land exploitation

5/2 - Soil, forest and land conservation

5/9 - Waste management

5/16 - Careers in science

From Queensland, Australia!

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From Queensland, Australia!

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